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May 22nd, 2018

Dear Fellow PowerWomen,

Thank you for taking the time to attend our May 22nd Strategy + Culture evening at Korn Ferry. I have received very positive feedback across the board about the event – the perfect organisation thanks to Kirstyn May, thought provoking content from our magnificent speakers Dominique Leroy and Kai Hammerich, gorgeous photography thanks to Varun Randery, and a big thank you to our fabulous host Bernhard Raschke. But of course no event is complete without the presence of an amazing audience and I thank you all for coming, for interacting and for sharing your experiences with us.

It’s hard to summarise an evening like this and I will likely not do it justice (and thank you Bernhard for your inputs here) but hopefully this will spark a few memories and provide food for thought in the coming days and weeks for you.

I am also delighted that we could publish our 2018 Member profiles book and again thank you Bernhard for sponsoring this. I believe a number of you have already started making connections with this book on linked in – Bravo ! For those of you who could not attend the event we will have more copies printed and available at our event in September.

Thank you,

Tanuja Randery

  • Cultural change can be achieved with an authentic leader at the top who role models new behaviours and brings other leaders along – ‘be aware of the shadow of the leader”

  • Bold decision making (e.g., challenging the dividend) can set the tone of a transformation upfront

  • Define a BHAG – an ambition that can be easily communicated to the frontline – and use the burning platform. 

  • Use symbols (e.g., re-branding) that touches everyone and creates personal and shared pride in the outcomes

  • Strengthen leadership behaviours through role modelling and coaching and create a common language for giving feedback ((e.g.,  using the Broken Squares game template for team discussions)

  • Change the top team decisively and quickly – “There are no saturated markets, only saturated managers”

  • People make the difference – employee health and engagement delivers organisational performance  – combine “good to gold culture” and performance management and disassociate results from development 

  • Make personal choices to find work-life balance and discover your energy sources – leaders need to maintain positive energy

            Link to an article about Cultural Transformation at Proximus

  • National cultures are extremely strong and hard to change – they can be masculine or feminine styles – and enforce the KPIs and virtues by which success is measured – Hint “we are biased”. 

  • Companies tend to take shape as a result of these cultures (e.g., Denmark has fostered smaller companies that are more entrepreneurial and creative, USA has formed larger companies and can be hierarchical and where use of power is accepted). 

  • Changing cultures requires a leadership shift at the top – we have seen some of this start to happen with changes in CEOs and diverse cultures in organisations

  • The iceberg model by Schein – What you think, what you say and what you do – is very revealing and can be an effective tool especially for team alignment

  • Female participation at top leadership level varies by national culture – Denmark is very low as is the USA and Japan not surprisingly.

  • The digital world is a potentially less global one in the future

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