Strategy + Risk

Moving to action powerfully

Hosted by McKinsey & Co.with Joanna Barsh and Sarah Wilson
July 16th, 2018

An inspiring workshop with Joanna Barsh, author of numerous books and research on women leaders, leader of McKinsey’s Centred leadership program, director emerita with Sarah Wilson who leads the senior leadership development program at McKinsey. 

Joanna and Sarah facilitated an insightful session on Strategy + Risk and provided us a set of methodologies and tools for how to assess risk and address the roadblocks to move forward.  The program focused on personal discovery and self mastery as a foundation for leading self, inspiring others, and achieving breakthrough change.

Joanna also shared a copy of her latest book “Grow wherever you work” – How do real people succeed in the real world of work? That’s the question bestselling author Joanna Barsh sets out to answer—not by asking motivational gurus or well-established CEOs but by diving into the trenches with today’s boldest, brightest, up-and-coming leaders. Distilling the stories of important work challenges from more than 200 rising leaders in 120 companies, this hands-on guide helps you grow through the challenges you face—not despite them.

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