House Rules

House Rules

We don’t like rules, nobody does. But the power of the Network is the fact that it is a network. To keep it special we have settled on five simple points that we believe are essential for success.

All drivers, no passengers

We commit to getting engaged, get involved, speak up, be present and be involved in the activities of the network, be it in larger groups or 1-1. This is a network for women who share a desire to commit their time to support and develop others. We are all in the driving seat together!

Investing into next generation

Beyond our PowerWomen events, we all promote our work by encouraging the next generation, young women everywhere, to become power women of the future. All the way from ‘girl power’ to ‘power women’ – we provide support and inspiration.

“Unsolicited advice is the junk mail of life”

We understand some of us may have a business that could benefit greatly from access to the network as potential clients. However, open and proactive selling would contradict the spirit of the network and we will not be cool about it.

 100% trust

Our network is based on trust. While we encourage members to communicate in groups or 1-1 as that’s the best way to create meaningful connections, please do treat information about other members with utmost respect.

Less stress, more champagne

We are here to learn, develop and exchange ideas in an open and supportive environment. We here to lift each other up, as opposed to be critical and bring each other down. That plus enjoying finer things in life if our sponsors are generous and our budget permits!

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