Style evening at Chanel with Bazaar & PROCESSIONS2018

June 15th, 2018

Dear PowerWomen,

Thank you to all of you who attended our exclusive reception at the Chanel VIP Salon in London, hosted by Jo Allison, PR Director Chanel and Lydia Slater, Deputy Editor, Harper’s Bazaar. It was a “magical” evening to use a word from Justine Picardie’s talk, and how could it not be in the decadent VIP Salon at the Chanel boutique, tempted by delicious canapés, champagne, endless champagne, elegantly dressed PowerWomen (of course), lot’s of Chanel bags, jackets, jewellery and lots of colour. 

And the perfect evening was made more perfect with Justine Picardie, Editor-in-Chief Harper’s Bazaar and author of Coco Chanel: The life and the legend who was with us all evening sharing her perspectives on Chanel, how she started researching the life and work of Chanel, the passion, the magic, and the business prowess. Justine was also kind enough to sign our copies of her latest edition which since is publication in 2010 has become the definitive biography. I’d also like to thank you Jo for the beautiful bottle of Gabrielle perfume and Lydia for our copy of July’s issue of Bazaar.

It is very difficult to summarise Justine’s talk so I won’t try but I am attaching a link to a BBC interview with Justine which is a wonderful review of her book and her passion for Chanel.

Varun Randery, who is now our official photographer, took some fabulous photos of us as always – attached is a link:

Thank you again to Jo, Melissa and Lydia for helping us arrange this and to all of you for attending the event. We had 35 members present which was fantastic !

A Few Reminders:

​Look forward to seeing many of you at our next event – The Founder’s mentality at Bain & Co. hosted by Olga Muscat on June 14th 8-10 am.
A reminder to please fill out the survey we sent to you – if you have not already done so:
Also, if you didn’t watch BBC yesterday – Shiva McMahon and I were holding up the PowerWomen banner at PROCESSIONS2018 celebrating 100 years since the vote and the Mayor’s tweet includes PowerWomen too 🙂 We also had Tamara Box and Brenda Trenowden for the 30% club and Lydia Slater there !

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