Becoming a Non-Executive Director

Fiona Hathorn, Women on Boards UK’s (WOB) Managing Director is happy to support PowerWomen get onto boards via her boards network www.womenonboards.net  if you are interested.

As a first step we recommend you consider logging onto the Women on Boards UK’s website, as a FREE member, whilst you decide if you wish to become a subscriber. Subscription to WOB will gain you access to WOB’s vacancies, top NED ‘Tip-off’ emails and 1-to-1 support (information link)

To aid you as a NED, Fiona has agreed to give PowerWomen access to WOB’s bi-monthly FTSE NED Breakfast. The dates of the next few 1 hour breakfasts can be found via this link or via Women on Boards event emails. Fiona will give PowerWomen 5 free places to these breakfasts on a first come first served basis. Contact  anna.lunato@womenonboards.co.uk and quote the reference PowerWomen Network.

If you are interested in becoming a non-executive board member then we hope you find the following links useful. These links are designed to support you in your journey to the boardroom and or stay ‘match-fit’ if you are already on a board as an executive or Non-Executive Director.

Get Board Ready Reference Materials

Here you can find links to a variety of reference materials for non executive directors, trustees and school governors across all sectors, sourced from the Institute of Directors, the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators, the UK & Scottish Governments, the Charity Commission, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) and many others. 

Women on Boards ‘Realising your Board Potential’ workshops

A half-day workshop designed for anyone considering their first board role or seeking to add a new NED role to their portfolio.  Whether you are already sitting on a board or just starting to think about it, you will get something out of this fast-paced tour through everything you need to know about directorship and how to do yourself justice as a candidate. In the workshop we cover NED CV’s and how to put together a personal and targeted board campaign.

Governance Course Information

There are lot of courses on directorship and governance course on the market today and they are expensive. This is a link to the ones that WOB know and recommend, but just to be clear going on one of these courses will not get you a board position and most current directors have not been on these courses. However that said they are all excellent courses that will ensure you know your responsibilities and liabilities (also covered on the WOB course above but not in so much detail – the WOB’s workshop is about how to ‘SELL’ yourself onto boards effectively, WOB only cover the basics of governance. If you want to know more about Directorship certificated courses Fiona Hathorn can give advice on all of them. Fiona is also happy to provide you with an INSEAD International Directors Programme reference as she has attended this certificated programme.

Writing a board CV and tips on applying for NED roles

Helpful Articles and guides on Board CV’s and applying for board roles – Link https://www.womenonboards.net/en-GB/Resources/Getting-Board-Ready/Getting-Board-Ready-Articles

Should you want more support writing a NED CV then consider attending a WOB Getting Started workshop, monthly in London, or bi-monthly via webinar and or a WOB NED CV Masterclass.

Stay Match Fit

Staying ‘Match Fit’ in the boardroom via this ‘In the Boardroom’ Resource area. Here you will find Pinsent Mason’s, monthly, Boardroom Briefings and more.

Diversity and Inclusion

If you want WOB support in helping your company enable more women to get to the top then Fiona is happy to help as WOB run in-house career and leadership workshops

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